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 GrooveKart Beginners Online Dropshipping   Platform:Drag-and-Drop Layer App 2021


GrooveKart Free Native Apps All-in-One Marketing Platform Print On Demand DashboardAutomated Built-in Teescape Fulfillment.Your choice of Payment Gateways&GroovePay

GrooveKart Review 2021.

Have you ever heard about Groovekart?             

 If not that means you aren’t an e-commerce entrepreneur. Shopify is the most common and popular household name for e-commerce platforms but there are other alternative platforms springing up for people to do their online shopping with ease and affordable prices.

 As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you need a platform that provides professional e-commerce stores, at a cheaper price.and give you a high conversion rate for your online business. With a high increase in the number of e-commerce platforms that people use to display their products, GrooveKart has plans of offering better features and at a lower price. The platform has been designed to assist people to earn high amounts from their online businesses. If you have been planning to start an online store for a long time, it’s the platform that offers everything you require to start an online venture such as reviews, up-sells, re-targeting, social proofing, templates and more.               

 What Is GrooveKart?

This Is a stand-alone All-in One eCommerce platform with premium features not available in other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. GrooveKart is a direct competitor of Shopify and comes with built-in apps that other competitors require shop owners to pay for. It comes with high converting templates, scarcity, timers, layer app, reviews, upsells, down-sell, retargeting, bumps, and many more features.With GrooveKart you can sell any physical products using different sizes and colors, creating several categories for various niches.  It comes with powerful reporting tools and analytics, shipping features, one-click product transfer, a built-in support desk and much more.With the 1-click import feature, you can switch from your Shopify store in seconds

The first thing that you will realize about the platform is that it does not require the user to download any applications which isn’t feasible on other e-commerce platforms that’ll prompt users to download applications at an additional price. 

The features it provides cover everything you would expect an online store to provide and from the social proof to higher converting templates, reviews, and many other features, the platform has everything you need a few clicks away.

The Founders Of This e-Commerce Platform:

In order to provide the best version of a product, you have to know the products, the requirements for your target markets and the problems you are planning to solve. GrooveKart developers are experienced in the e-commerce industry and they understand what is being needed when creating the platform. 

Mike worked withJohn Cornetta to create the alternative to Shopify. Cornetta is experienced in the online business world, and he has built e-commerce stores singlehandedly that has earned him millions of dollars each month and he’s also the brain behind the user-friendly design and the features behind GrooveKart while Mike Filsaime has developed many businesses such as EverWebinar, Marketer’s Cruise and Kartra and has watched them grow. In fact, he has made millions from the businesses& sales.This is enough evidence that he could help you start your online business easily and watch it grow.

Matt Serralta who has over 10 years of experience at the senior and executive-level management in executive operations.He brought his many years of eCommerce marketing to the development of GrooveKart. So you don’t need to worry a bit with all the experienced multi faceted & talented gurus involved in GrooveKart invention.

It’s no doubt that what has kept the co-founders on the e-Commerce platform line is the reputation they have for building and maintaining.They have designed the GrooveKart with trustworthiness, integrity, and quality in mind. The available alternatives don’t have what makes GrooveKart stand out.In order to enjoy its benefits quickly take a tour of the platform immediately after its launch.

        GrooveKart Video Tutorial

Learn more on how this ecommerce software can be a better alternative to shopify platform.


 GrooveKart Features:Dashboard Integrations.

Just like Shopify, GrooveKart helps people run their online business especially e-commerce entrepreneurs that have online stores. It is an alternative to Shopify with more features and at a cheaper cost. Here are a few of the features.

 Easier Switching From Shopify

As earlier mentioned, the process of switching from Shopify to Groovekart is surprisingly easy. You just need to follow a few steps and you will be through with the importation feature that requires a few clicks to offer results.within a few seconds.

 Click And Sell: No Coding Knowledge Is Needed

The process is that simple that even a Newbie in online business can do this with no hassle.You don’t need to be an experienced coding expert to start an online business. With GrooveKart, you will only need a few seconds each day to post your products, the reviews, descriptions, and images. After that, you only need to wait for your target customers to buy.  .

 Plug And Play Solution:

You don’t have to worry about getting stacked halfway with the GrooveKart platform unlike other platforms. Anyone can set up a store easily, without the help of developers and who needs developers these days! .

Unlimited Upsells:

When designing the platform, the co founders ensured that the users would have a chance of adding unlimited upsells with no extra charges accrued with this unlimited upsells.You;ve got the full access to operate the e-commerce store and all you only need to increase your conversions is adding as many upsells as possible.

The GrooveKart Studio:Free Native Apps Built-In

This is another exciting feature that you will definitely love about GrooveKart. It helps you make a customized store, offers product design tools and a page builder that comes with many features for better page building. Moreover, it provides a drag-and-drop feature to allow faster page building in addition to layer apps that can be used to drag-and-drop patterns on your products, such as sneakers, sweaters, high heel shoes, jumpers, and tote bags. The GrooveKart Studio comes with Print on Demand Apparel and GK Ali-Connect to help complete automated drop shipping.Tracking Pixels foyour hearts content with Facebook, Google, or custom tracking Pixels,Countdown Timers &Stock Unit Countdown where you can set the stock countdown to any time within a 24 hour period are all part of the nunerous Built in Apps.

 Built-In Help:

All your integrations like the Zapier, Mailchimp, Chatra, Social proof pop ups etc can be completed on the platform without downloading any app. The developers have built the help desk into this platform in such an easy way that you will be able to get assistance each time you need one.

Better Payment Methods:

Most e-commerce platforms will charge you a fee for every transaction. However, that is not the case to expect with GrooveKart – you will never share your profits with any person. You will also manage to accept payments from any part of the world using PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net – the platform supports them.

Who Can Benefit From GrooveKart?

No specific group of online sellers are targeted by GrooveKart. Anyone who enjoys selling online can get this platform for their store which is the main reason the developers made the platform easier to use. All merchants can use the platform and monitor the level of conversions.We cannot deny that the market offers similar software. However, GrooveKart is likely to outdo all of them. The developers aimed at offering something different from the norm, which involves numerous platforms that can limit the growth of your online business. If there are other better ways of selling products online, they are yet to be discovered. With the new GrooveKart platform, your online presence will significantly boost your sales.GrooveKart integrates seamlessly with all other apps under the GrooveFunnels toolbox, for example:

GrooveMail (email automation sequences and autoresponder)

GrooveSell (A platform where you can create your own affiliate program)

GroovePages (build sales funnels, websites and landing pages)

GrooveProof (social proof pop-ups)and all the other tools

GrooveKart Pricing 

When it comes to the pricing, GrooveKart offers three plans, and you will have to select one during the signup process. They are:

1.The Annual Pricing: YOU pay $997 per year. However, they are currently offering it for $497 today. 

2.Pay after every 4 months – $397: they are currently charging $197/4months. 

3. The Monthly Plan which has been divided into the :

Starter Plan is $79 per month.

The Basic Plan is $99 per month.

 The Platinum Subscription is $149 every month. 

Today, the Platinum subscription is $99.

FYI:.This offer is about to be taken Off. Click here to Upgrade your Groove Account or Sign Up here for your GroovePages Account.

Money-Back Guarantee: 

GrooveKart allows 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days after you’ve accessed the license. Guarantee period starts immediately after purchase.Moreover, if you don’t want the system to charge your card automatically,email the customer support immediately which is kind enough to listen to your requests, but you should avoid taking a chance.

After The SignUp:

 Your payments can be made with Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express card. If the options are not enough, you can opt for PayPal. They offer many options.

Groove funnels the one stop shop:

This is the 20-in-1 software suite to boost your business and help you sell products and services. Stop paying for 20 different tools!  

The Login Process : Support Desk& Customer Service

Click on the login link and enter your username and password (use the ones you received after the signup).If you need further help or encounter any log in problems contact the customer support.If you have forgotten your password or username, click on the “Forgot Password Link”. 

The Training Videos : 

Some detailed training videos that can help people get started with the platform have been released by the developers.Here are the benefits of watching the training videos

1.The videos and the course have the detailed information you need to build and develop your online e-commerce store.

 2.Because the upgrade of your account will happen automatically,users will be able to access the course without paying any additional cost if they subscribed to the platform during the beta launch.

A lot of e-commerce platforms today still lack the proper training videos for their customers. Even Though the platform itself is easy to use, having these tutorials could still come in handy for many people.

 GrooveKart's amazing features with its easy-to-use interface makes it an excellent choice for e-commerce shop owners therefore if you are a seller looking to learn how to set up an online store with little or no knowledge, then GrooveKart is an ideal option.

Pros and Cons of GrooveKart: 

In totality of what I’ve seen so far, GrooveKart provides value to its users and with the Groove funnels Roadmap that is getting better with continuous & consistent updating. 


1.Offers amazing cost savings in comparison to other competitors.

2.Provides built-in apps and features that are of excellent quality and easy to use..

3.Awesome designed high converting templates and tools to create landing pages, product pages, designs, and more

4.Ease of access and very intuitive.

5.The cloud-based platform doesn’t require people to download or install anything.


 The initial learning curve (This is far less compared to its competitors)

  Final Thoughts & Takeaways: 

After checking out the features Groovekart has to offer it’s definitely obvious that it’s going to give Shopify a run for their money in the e-Commerce world, and this makes them amazing. 

The built-in features and its cost saving effectiveness makes it one of the most appealing platforms for online marketers today. 

If you’re planning to start an online e-commerce store, you should check out what GrooveKart has to offer and don’t just take my word for it.Go and give it a try.

Don’t forget as I’d earlier mentioned GrooveFunnels also comes with 20+ apps that can help you build funnels, create Membership areas, serve on-demand webinars, send emails, and so much more – This is a wonderful bonus as part of the GrooveFunnels suite!

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