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 Groovefunnels 20 Powerful apps LifetimeDeal Review 2021for Entrepreneurs

 Is Groovefunnels Lifetime Deal Worth It? Is Groovefunnels Free? Confused By All The “groove“? Find Out And Learn More About Groovefunnels Pricing, Groovepages.

GrooveFunnels Review

Are you confused by all the “Groove“?                         

Here we’ll be reviewing GrooveFunnels, a new software built with the philosophy of “simplicity”. We are presenting this review after researching in depth and you’ll get to know everything about GroovePages, GrooveFunnels, and the difference between GrooveApps and GrooveKart.We’ll also talk about the founder, the team behind it, their vision, and how reliable it is.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that manages your business without stressing about integrations and monthly payments of your stock, then read on on    .                                                    

GrooveFunnels The Best & Free Funnel Builder

This is the craziest part about GrooveFunnels. They’re taking lots of individual pieces of what you do and turning it into an all-in-one service.ClickFunnels has long been the go-to for funnels, but it’s insanely expensive. And they don’t really have many other competitors, leaving you on the limbo and with only one option: finding all the individual services you need and paying for a bunch of tools from lots of different companies.For some people, that’s fine! For me (and many others), we’d really like to do a little trimmings and shorten our list of marketing tools.Enter GrooveFunnels and their crazy awesome community of marketers.Here are just a few features, with plenty more to come: 

Here Are The Features In The Various Sections On The GrooveFunnels Dashboard:

GrooveFunnels- What is GrooveFunnels?

This is a new tool developed by Groove Digital Inc.that consists of the landing page builder GroovePages, the shopping cart GrooveSell and the email service provider GrooveMail along with other software for selling digital and physical products online.In totality,it’s an all-in-one tool that allows users to build landing pages,sales funnels and websites to sell products online.


This is part of GrooveFunnels. It’s a flexible affiliate management tool for businesses and online marketers.This allows you to have your own affiliate program for the products that you want to sell.If you want to recruit affiliate marketers to promote your online course or software product, for example, you can use GrooveAffiliate to manage every aspect of it.You’ll have access to one of the best affiliate management centers.

Groove Sell & What is GrooveSell?

This is a free sales and affiliate platform created that is part of GrooveFunnels. Think of it as a shopping cart platform like SamCart or PayKickStart.It allows you to sell digital products, e-courses, and digital services.GrooveSell is a powerful new sales and affiliate management platform from Groove Digital. It provides you with all the tools you need to sell digital and physical products online.Unlimited products in unlimited sales funnels. Flexible pricing structures like one-time,installment and recurring payments.Groove Sell hosts GrooveFunnels affiliate program, which includes viral marketing tools, along with reporting and analytics, 1-Click Upsells and everything you need to run your online business.Groove Sell will also have a marketplace like Clickbank to get anyone who sells products using their platform more exposure.   .


This is a powerful drag and drop page and funnel builder for online marketers. It’s designed to help businesses and marketers create professional landing pages, build funnels, and design websites.It uses the most updated technology to simplify online marketing needs. No matter your skill levels, GroovePages will benefit you.One of the core features of GroovePages is based on the fact that approx. 80% of the code is loaded on the browser. This gives the user more functionality. Another aspect of GroovePages is the loading speed. Yes, it uses Google cloud platform.


This Is a stand-alone eCommerce platform with premium features not available in other eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. GrooveKart is a direct competitor of Shopify and comes with built-in apps that other competitors require shop owners to pay for. It comes with high converting templates, scarcity, timers, layer app, reviews, upsells, down-sell, retargeting, bumps, and many more features.With GrooveKart you can sell any physical products using different sizes and colors, creating several categories for various niches.  It comes with powerful reporting tools and analytics, shipping features, one-click product transfer, a built-in support desk and much more.With the 1-click import feature, you can switch from your Shopify store in seconds

Groove mail.What is Groove Mail?-

This is GrooveFunnel’s email marketing solution and CRM. It includes the ability to tag subscribers, automate sequences, do text and voice broadcasting, and other email service provider features you’d expect.   

These are what are going to be available in the future:

A. GrooveBlogs -

 This is a Blog Platform that will allow you to create your own blogs.

B. GrooveWebinars -

 Which they are currently working on and it is going to be available in the future and what many people don’t know is that GrooveWebinars might be available much sooner than than most people estimate.It’s going to be two products in one having live webinars So if you’re familiar with GoToWebinar, or WebinarJam, it’s going to have automated webinars,or also familiar with platforms like StealthSeminar, or EverWebinar, (these are very expensive platforms),these are going to be included for free in this package at no extra cost. This will be ideal especially for those who want to promote high ticket items. Which means you won’t have to go out and pay for those expensive webinar services that can cost you between $100 to $400 a month.GroveWebinars with the other tools will be included if you pick up the Groove Funnels Gold Plan offer.

C.GrooveDesk, GrooveSurvey and GrooveQuiz

These will also be available when they have the official launch.

D.There is also an app store, a multi-vendor marketplace,& will have API services.

Groovefunnels will also have their own payment processing system, ads, events and workshops.You can also do live events, education tutorials, almost everything you could ever want, regardless if you are an Affiliate Marketer or Shopify Dropshipper.


This allows you to build a membership site where people have to either subscribe for free or they can pay for it. You can have your own subscription based membership site now through Groovefunnels instead of paying lots of money for that.

GrooveVideo & What is GrooveVideo?

GrooveVideo is like having your own built-in Vimeo. You can host all your videos and ( avoid showing Youtube’s related videos). GrooveVideo will have player skins, player controls, autoplay,etc.You can add tags and calls to action and more. Also, you will have AB-testing and analytics.

Is GrooveFunnels&Its Affiliate ProgramLegit?

Yes, it’s a legit company, founded by Mike Filsaime who’s been behind some of the biggest marketing software solutions in recent years - from EverWebinar, WebinarJam to Kartra to name a few.Mike has been involved in digital marketing for about two decades, he’s launching a real product,and you’ll will be financially compensated via a “legit” affiliate program if you join in spreading the word.They are launching a powerful all-in-one digital marketing solution and GrooveDigital’s goal is for you to be able to run an entire online business from this one software platform.So for one - Yes, they have a LEGIT product that you can promote..In a nutshell, GrooveFunnels makes it simple to easily create high converting SEO-friendly websites and sales funnels.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

GrooveFunnels has both free and paid options.The free version of GrooveFunnels gives you access to GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate as well as GroovePages Lite.One of the limitations of the Lite version is you won’t get access to GrooveMail, which is the email marketing aspect of Groove Funnels.You are also limited to 1 funnel template, 3 sites, and 3 funnels. And you will only earn 20% on any affiliate sales you make.However, it is completely free for life and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up.On the other hand, you can purchase a GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime license right now for a one time fee of $1,397.This gives you access to everything that GrooveFunnels is planning to offer without having to pay any recurring subscriptions.

Pros & Cons of GrooveFunnels

 #1: It has a Forever Free plan- Yes, you can signup for GrooveFunnels for free and no credit card required to use the free version Of course, there are some limitations.The free plan gives you access to GrooveSell + GrooveAffiliate,GroovePages (Lite)As the Lite implies, there are some limited features for the page/website builder, but it’s enough to get you started.What's nice though is that even on the free plan, you can use your own custom domain names and you can earn 20% commissions as a free affiliate and earn up to 40% commission if you buy the lifetimedeal.

#2: It has a good affiliate program GrooveFunnels offers a really nice affiliate program, with some huge potential.Free users earn 20% recurring commissions. While Platinum members earn 40% recurring plus 10% 2nd-tier commissions. Although the recurring aspect will only happen once Groove switches to its monthly plans.Combined with the GrooveFunnels free plan and lifetime deal, it makes it super easy to make money with the GrooveFunnels affiliate plan.It’s very simple to promote the Groove free plan to people. And you’re going to get a lot of upgrades because the lifetime deal is such a killer offer, and people are incentivized to get the 40% commissions.YourGrooveFunnels affiliate commissions will cover the cost you paid for the lifetime deal, so your account is completely paid for.

#3: It already has a large, active communityWhen it comes to buying into a product ecosystem, community matters.Whether it’s seeking advice, troubleshooting issues, or just sharing ideas, having a good community makes a big difference in your overall experience.This is a big stumbling block for many new products, but with over 108,000 Facebook group members at the time of this review, that’s not the case here with GrooveFunnels.A major part of this growth is attributed to the availability of free accounts and the lifetime payment option.Many group members have upgraded to a paid plan and already have successful online businesses, so there is a lot of knowledge being dropped.                                     

#4: They are rapidly improving the platform-Yes, GrooveFunnels is still on the ground floor, and it has noticeable issues like the interface is clunky and slow,Some clickable object functioning as expected,Numerous typos inside the software itself,Odd choice of naming conventions,Small bugs or otherwise poor UX decisions,Design inconsistencies yet all these are things that can be easily sorted in future updates as it doesn’t make for a great first impression. But what I’ve been really impressed with is how fast they are improving the platform. Bugs are being fixed, and new features are being added every week.So that’s why I love their product roadmap infographic.   They also have a page for users to submit feedback and vote on the features they’d like to see which is really a good thing that makes it worth your time to participate in. You can have lifetime access to the product, however as at the time of writing we’re not pretty sure when the monthly pricing mode will be available. 

Mike Filsaim and GroovePages-

For decades now, Mike Filsaime has been an important leader of the Internet marketing industry. During the early years he became known as a very successful digital marketer. However, over the years, his attention has turned to creating successful software solutions completely from scratch.He’s the guy behind the revolutionary e-commerce platform called Groove Kart.Over the past several years, Filsaime has been involved in the launches of several multi-million dollar companies. They have included Marketers Cruise, Everwebinar, WebinarJam, and Katra. Mike is a digital marketer who is in high demand as a marketing consultant, author, speaker, software developer, and digital marketer.

GrooveFunnels Founder- 

Mike Filsaime is the CEO of GrooveDigital Inc.,that owns GrooveFunnels. He is a recognized leader in the online marketing world. He’s also a consultant, author, speaker, software developer, and digital marketer.                             

Other leaders of the business include John Cornetta, Mattijs Naus, and Matt Serralta..

 Groove funnels lifetime offer 

Since you’ll be getting everything for free after purchasing the lifetime plan. Groove Funnels made a promise that no matter how many improvements and upgrades they’ll make in future for Groove funnels. They will always keep it free to anyone one who had purchased it earlier.Really think about this.                                  

They provide:

Groove Mail 

Groove Pages for Shopify 

 Groove Webinars for Live Webinars

Groove Webinars for Automated Webinars

Groove Blog

Groove Member

Groove Video 

Groove Desk 

Groove Calendar  

Groove Survey 

Groove Quiz and more.                                                 

 Groove funnels are constantly improved. You will be getting even better and better Sale Optimization tools as time goes on. Which will reflect in better content that you create,hence increase your sales and traffic on your online business. This seems like an irrefutable offer to get new features without paying for extra.   


Is Groove funnel's lifetime deal worth it?-

Yes. Groove funnel's lifetime deal is totally worth it according to my review. It's beneficial in terms of budget, features and myriad of freedom they give you.It's one time payments and you will be getting any improvements in future all for FREE after purchase.Also beneficial in terms of its simplicity and its modernistic appearance,generosity by providing a free plan and amazing support in which they give to anyone in their Facebook group. Which other Funnel builder has a Free plan such as Groove funnels?. Well at least that should reflect the passion in which groove funnels was built.

Top 10 Reasons To Build Your Business On GrooveFunnels.

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Takeaways & Final Thoughts

It's.mportant that you have the proper expectations for GrooveFunnels. Which is currently a BETA product and it shows.There are lots of features that are missing and performance is lacking in some areas but you can’t deny the promise of GrooveFunnels. The compelling reason to give GrooveFunnels a try is the free plan and the lifetime offer especially if they can fix the Page builder issues and live up to even half of its promises.But will it? We will see. Mike Filsaime has already proven he can make a great product in Kartra, and by investing in GrooveFunnels you are betting he can do the same here. After doing my own research about all the benefits and features about GrooveFunnels I finally upgraded to platinum, It is far better and cost-effective as compared to Clickfunnels, ActiveCampaign, Kartra, WebinarJam,Everwebinar if we’re to calculate the true value of the GrooveFunnels ProMembership and the Platinum Plan.   

 Ambitious and a “marketing game-changer”, a word and a phrase I would use if I had to describe GrooveFunnels. This company has a promising bright future and there are already facts that support that.                                              

So if you’re in the marketing industry (creating, selling, promoting, teaching) this is a product definitely worth the investment. Click here to claim your FREE Funnel Account.

What People Say

"Customers Are Raving But Don't Take Our Word For It"

This brand new software is by far the best website and funnel building platform on the market and will save me over $600+ per month bringing everything under one roof. I have been building funnels for about 10 years now and used all the other platforms on the market and this is wiping the floor with them all even in Beta. The future's bright, the future is Groove.


GrooveFunnels customer.

Easily managed to get a webpage built very quickly albeit a simple one just to try out the features. Maybe it was easy as I have page builder experience but I can't imagine a complete newbie having too much of a problem building one out. 


GrooveFunnels Customer.

Groove is a company that walks the talk. They do believe that relationships are key to the business… It is one of our closest partners and is one that is really really looking at ways to improve their product and relationship.